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Girl|Guy Perspective

Enter the minds of Daphne and Keith
This is the podcast for people who are not scared to have an opinion
Have the audacity to believe what they believe and be brave about it
This is GGP

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    012 #NoHonestyNoUnity

    Daphne and Keith get right into it. What are we doing as country? What are we teaching our youth? When is enough, enough?? Are you paying attention??

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    011 #PoliticsAsUsual

    We got 99 problems, and 45 is definitely one of them. In the wake of all that is occurring after the recent hurricanes attention is being drawn away from victims and placed on 45 once again. Keith and Daphne discuss Colin Kaepernick's protest of the national anthem, 45's most recent crazy comments in regards to protesters, and athletes and their respective organizations' response to Mr Twitter Fingers aka Big Mouth in Chief.

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    010 #ItTakesTwo

    Keith and Daphne discuss the woes of infidelity. The stigmas and odd paradox for men and women when it comes to relations, and relationships. Kevin Hart gets caught up in the sheets now his pockets and marriage are getting caught up in the heat. R.Kelly is out here....smh what more is there to say, LOL.

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    009 #MindYourBusiness

    Daphne and Keith discuss the tragedy that is Hurricane Harvey and it's aftermath on Houston residents also touch on the rest of the world's opinions on what everyone else should or should not be doing in a time such as this. Celebrities are being asked to give, critiques of what the church is or is not doing. It seems Hurricane Harvey has others in everyone's business but their own. Find the link below to see how you can help those displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

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    008 I'm RAW because my Dad is RAW....#PAUSE

    In a tale as old as time, Keith and Daphne go into the ongoing debate of Nature vs Nurture. Netflix doc inspired convo, Keith and Daphne disagree on their view points and we know how that goes!! Tell us what you think, where do you stand on Nature vs Nurture?!!! #GIRLGUYPERSPECTIVE

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    007 Silence Is Betrayal

    Daphne and Keith get into the Charlottesville, VA protest, the premise of how these rallies are planned, the statements or lack there of from 45 and just talking about the overall state of our country and the divides we've battled with for generations. It's time, it's been time to wake up, and tackle what's happening.

    "There comes a time when silence is betrayal."-Martin Luther King Jr.

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    006 Don't Be Mad When I Pull A You On You

    In the times where we scream equal everything it seems we still hold strong to those good ole double standards. Daphne and Keith dig into the double standards of Usher making it burn here and there, we tackle #teamtasha and #teamghost as infidelity runs their household. Issa a loss either way if you let us tell it. Tune in as we discuss these topics and more, and don't be mad when I pull a you on you!!

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    004 It's a Big Rich Town!?

    POWER actors, can't be separated from their characters. Sidechick turned victim syndrome? #issathing Tasha makes you wonder are you a ride or die? Tommy bringing back the swirl hype. Black cards get snatched and tested everyday B! Colin Kaepernick gets illegitimate advice from Michael Vick, and a whole lot more of shenanigans and realness with Keith and Daphne this week on GGP.

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    003 Married making minimum wage

    We're back at it to find out if you're the boss of your empire and how poor people stay married.

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